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Long Term Care Software Sales
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Nothing is worse than software that is difficult to use, hard to understand, or counter intuitive. CSAi software
consistently gets great reviews for simplicity and ease of use. We will make sure that your system is intuitive and
user friendly so that your agents will be as productive as possible. We pack a lot of functionality into our
software, but not at the expense of added complexity.
Real-World Experience... First Class Support
We get great feedback on our Service and Support. Our
existing customers will tell you good things about our
service model. We understand that to develop and retain
satisfied customers, a true relationship must be
developed between us. We donít want to be just a
vendor, we want to be a partner, and weíll act that way.
We work with you, developing software and providing
consultation with the benefit of our years of experience.
We illustrate Individual AND MultiLife Plans
The CSAi LTC illustration software will handle both your Individual and MultiLife Plans. Data entry is made
simple in all cases, and the census members can either be manually enterered for small cases, or files
can be imported on larger cases. Illustrations can be saved and retrieved for later use or alteration.

Also included are special tools like a Needs Analysis utility that not only helps you determine how much
coverage your client should buy today, but will also show which of your options are the most cost effective
for him/her.

Have a client on a fixed income, with only a fixed amount of money available to spend? We can
reverse-model a plan for you based on a desired premium outlay. Take a look at our
Benefits Solver.

If you need special tools or utilities that are not included in our standard system, we can most likely build
whatever you need. Weíve been building Illustration Software systems for over 20 years, and there isnít
much we havenít already done.